Saturday, 9 September 2017

Geometric Chess - 几何棋 - 幾何チェス - Геометрические шахматы - Cờ hình học

* Geometric Chess is an interactive fighting game for 1 player with the computer or 2 players.
Geometric chess is a perfect game that helps develop I.Q  ( IQmax ).
* Geometric Chess is in line with the style of Freedom, the DYNAMIC personality of modern people.
* Geometric Chess enhances the intelligence, creativity of the players without over-emphasizing the experience factor.
* Geometric Chess is available in two versions, easy to play, risky, highly entertaining and age appropriate.
* Geometric Chess game including:

    GEOMETRIC CHESS FREE :  Full 2 versions are simple geometric chess and standard geometric chess.




* Video 4 minute summary to the final game Simple geometric chess.

* 视频4分钟概括几何棋与说明玩法。

* ジオメトリチェスゲーム概要&チェスガイドの 4分ビデオ

* Видео игры геометрических шахмат длительностью 4 минут и руководство по шахматам


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